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  • Taking the guesswork out of choosing quality supplements!

    Topics we will address in this post:

    • What kind of criteria we use to determine which products and brands we stock.
    • Safety concerns surrounding purchasing supplements off of Amazon.
    • What about drug store or retail brand supplements? Are they okay?

    The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate, test, or approve nutritional supplements like they do with prescription medications, so there is an enormous variance in the quality and efficacy of supplements on the market.

    It is a big and expanding industry. Because of the lack of FDA oversight, many supplement companies you'll find on store shelves use dishonest practices that could waste a lot of your money at best and put your health and safety at risk at worst.

    So what can you do to make sure you are taking supplements that are going to provide substantial health benefits, rather than ones labeled as Ginkgo biloba but filled with house plants (true story!)?