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Influenzinum 9c (flu pellets) - The Rothfeld Apothecary

Influenzinum 9c (flu pellets)

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Influenzinum 9c is a homeopathic flu remedy that is updated yearly based on the flu strains predicted by the World Health Organization (WHO). The tiny pellets dissolve easily in your mouth and ​​contain the same viral strains as the conventional flu vaccine, diluted to 1 part per billion, which eliminates the need to use mercury as a preservative. This preparation greatly reduces the risk of side effects, and is safe for all ages.

Boiron’s Influenzinum is a dilution of the flu vaccine used during the current flu season in the northern hemisphere.

This flu vaccine contains these virus strains, expected to be the most common ones circulating during the 2021-2022 flu season.

The final composition of the influenza vaccines for the 2021-2022 influenza season in the Northern Hemisphere, used for the manufacture of Boiron INFLUENZINUM 9C homeopathic globules is therefore as follows:

  • an influenza type A (H1N1) pdm 09 influenza virus: A / Guangdong-Maonan / SWL1536 / 2019;
  • an influenza virus type A (H3N2): A / Hong Kong / 2671/2019
  • a type B influenza virus (Victoria lineage): B / Washington / 02/2019
  • a Phuket / 3073/2013 influenza type B virus (B / Yamagata / 16/88 lineage) unchanged from the previous year's influenza vaccine.

The first 3 Influenza strains are recommended viral strains for use in trivalent influenza vaccines, and the last is an additional virus strain recommended for quadrivalent influenza vaccines.

The French laboratory Boiron manufactures the homeopathic medicine Influenzinum 9CH 2021-2022 9 C, whose composition differs from that of last year's vaccine.

Because the virus mutates constantly, WHO observatories defines in advance (around July) which strains of viruses are most likely to be circulating. Vaccine manufacturers have to develop vaccines according to these guidelines.

Of course, Influenzinum changes every year to reflect the vaccine changes and the mutation of influenza virus. This is why, despite Influenzinum having a 5-year expiration date, it is only valid for as long as the same vaccine is on the market: one flu season, with very rare exceptions.

IMPORTANT: Influenzinum is NOT a vaccine, doesn’t prevent the flu and must NOT be presented as such, per FDA guidelines.

Made according to the guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

Please follow directions for the flu pellets carefully.

  • Upon arising, NO food or drink, no brushing teeth and no smoking for ten (10) minutes prior to and after dosing.
  • Tap closed vial against hand 6-7 times to increase activation.
  • Place required number of pellets under tongue and let dissolve.



6 Months - 2 Years: 2 pellets each dose

2 Years - 7 Years: 3 pellets each dose

7 Years - 12 Years: 4 pellets each dose

12 + Years: 5 pellets each dose



*Day 1 (1st dose) DATE: ________________________

*Day 8 (2nd dose) DATE: ________________________

*Day 30 (3rd dose) DATE: ________________________

*Once a month until flu season is over


If you receive the prescription flu vaccine as well, take 5 pellets every day following vaccination until soreness or side effects have subsided.

If you do come down with the flu, take 5 pellets twice a day for 2 weeks.

Inactive Ingredients: sucrose, lactose.