As allergies flare and colds become common, people search for remedies for stuffy and irritated sinuses.    One such remedy is a nasal spray called XLEAR. It is a simple, safe and cheap nasal spray that is remarkably effective. It is made from four natural ingredients: xylitol, purified water, salt, and grapefruit seed extract.  These ingredients each address different issues that plague the human sinus cavities and the patented combination of the four substances provides a wonderful synergistic effect. 


Almost every nasal spray that your doctor can prescribe for you or that you can get from the drug store is either a steroid, saline (salt water) or a drug that reduces histamine (allergies).  XLEAR is so special because it addresses all the things that the over-the-counter or prescription products do, but it also KILLS infections in the sinus cavities.  Steroids like Flonase or Nasonex have unwanted side effects and really just reduce the inflammatory response that occurs from infections or allergens. They just band-aid the root cause of the problem by blunting the immune response that occurs with allergies or infections that irritate the sinus and nasal cavity.  


Another way of dealing with sinus congestion is by using Neti Pots. This is a form of nasal irrigation that uses certain devices (the most common looks like a genie’s lamp) to pour or squirt salt water into the sinus cavities. This is pretty effective, and the salt is able to kill some of the infectious organisms that could be present in the nasal cavity.  The drawback is that they are cumbersome and usually uncomfortable and can just “slosh” the infections in the sinuses around and do not fix the issues effectively.  Xlear, on the other hand, has a synergistic effect that treats all aspects of sinus irritation. It also comes in an easy-to-use nasal spray. 

The first ingredient, Xylitol, is a natural sugar which is frequently used as a natural sweetener (it does not raise blood sugar like fruit sugar or corn syrup).  In the sinuses it coats the nasal lining, protecting it from allergens and infection.  The combination of Xylitol and saltwater keeps the mucous membranes moist and therefore stronger. 


The next ingredient, grapefruit seed extract, is a natural remedy that kills infectious organisms, whether taken orally or as a nasal spray.  This applies not only to bacteria that cause sinus infections, but also fungus overgrowth, an overlooked cause of sinus congestion.  People who take repeated courses of oral or inhaled antibiotics, including for sinus infections, are prone to developing secondary fungus infections, and grapefruit seed extract is anti-fungal. 


Another problem with taking antibiotics for sinus congestion is that antibiotics only work if they can penetrate into the tissues in high amounts.   The nature of mucous congestion is that it blocks circulation of blood into the affected tissues, preventing the antibiotic from getting to the place it should.    One way of dealing with this is to take the natural proteolytic (protein-busting enzyme) bromelain, which breaks through mucous and helps the circulation of the antibiotic.   Several studies have shown that taking an antibiotic with bromelain will improve the results of treatment.    In fact, bromelain by itself can help rid the body of sinus infection. 


Xlear is perfectly safe, inexpensive and a good first-line way of addressing sinus congestion, sinus pain, sinus itching, and runny nose.   Steroids and antibiotics. The mainstays of modern medicine provide band aids for the problem but should be reserved for severe situations.  For run-of-the-mill sinusitis, it’s worth trying Xlear spray, and perhaps a proteolytic enzyme like bromelain (or a potent enzyme product like Interfase Plus). 


XLear Nasal Spray 1.5 oz SO

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