Traumeel – An Indispensable Anti-Inflammatory

There are some things that I feel that everyone should have at stock at home at all times and on this list of things that I think should be handy is the anti-inflammatory homeopathic remedy called Traumeel.  I feel that this safe remedy deserves a place in the cabinet because of its use for aches and pains as well as acute sprains, strains and bruises.

Even though this is not a block-buster remedy that is going to cure cancer, the practicality of it and what it can do to protect your stomach and kidneys from the dangers of anti-inflammatory drugs is plenty powerful.. I am always searching for and recommending natural remedies for inflammation is because of the risks of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen and aspirin.  I use Traumeel primarily for acute injuries. I used to use another natural medicine, called Limbrel more with “long-term” inflammation such as arthritis.   However, this treatment (which was classified as a “medical food”), in no longer on the market due to rare but significant risks.

The reason is that there are about 18,000 people that DIE each year and 150,000 hospitalizations from the use of NASID’s. In fact, there are also studies that show that the use of NSAID’s can lead to kidney damage, platelet issues, heart failure, liver damage, high blood pressure AND heart attack.   On top of that, the use of these strong over the counter medications actually work so well that they can impair the healing process.  This is because they shut down the actual chemicals that the body uses to heal the injury.

Traumeel works the best when you use it as soon after a “trauma” as you can get it in or on your body, so keeping it in the medicine cabinet or otherwise handy is a good idea.  Other than ibuprofen, the only other way of aiding the pain and to shorten the healing process is the treatments in the acronym –RICE (which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). When  I am injured, I want to use something inaddition to RICE and I do not want to injure my stomach with an NSAID.

There are some studies that have shown that Traumeel is effective for “acute musculoskeletal injuries, including pain and swelling.”  There is a thorough article published in the 2011 International Journal of General Medicine that is titled “Traumeel- an emerging option to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the management of acute musculoskeletal injuries.” In this article, they summarize the studies that were done with this remedy and explains that Traumeel has shown “comparable effectiveness to NSAIDs in terms of reducing symptoms of inflammation, accelerating recovery, improving mobility with a favorable safety profile”. These studies show that for an acute injury, you can take this remedy INSTEAD of an NSAID. Traumeel actually lowered inflammation markers (the levels of interleukins and tumor necrosis factor) in the blood stream.  It performed better than placebo, and without the harmful stomach upset since its mechanism of action is different than NSAIDs.

Traumeel is a complex homeopathic remedy. Its power and effectiveness lies in the fact that it has multiple remedies in it and therefore it is attempting to address any form of trauma and each “phase” of the inflammatory response. One of the 14 components of Traumeel is Arnica montana, which has itself been studied for its help with traumatic injury repair.

Traumeel has been used in over 50 countries and has been used in Germany for over 70 years. It was actually listed in the 2009 PDR (Physicians’ Desk Reference, the “bible” of medications).  The PDR listed the injectable form of Traumeel.  I have used injectable Traumeel safely in my practice for many years, and for all sorts of pain syndromes.  But Traumeel comes in many forms which include a gel, ointment, drops, tablets as well as the injectable version.  Any first aid bag should have some.

The other HUGE benefit of Traumeel is its safety profile. There are  10 medical studies (all listed in the Schneider 2011 article) that show that Traumeel is extremely well tolerated with minimal to no severe side effects, disease exacerbations or drug interactions. The only real side effect is some redness where the cream was used and possibly some headache or mild nausea. The safety profile is so benign that the manufacturer recommends that it can be used up even in infants.

Traumeel was bought by an American company a few years ago, and they altered the formula a bit, and renamed it T-Relief, so if you’re looking for it, it may be under than name.  But it seems to be effective no matter what name it’s found under.

Schneider C. Traumeel – an emerging option to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the management of acute musculoskeletal injuries. International Journal of General Medicine. 2011;4:225-234. doi:10.2147/IJGM.S16709.

Traumeel Ointment 100gms

Traumeel Ointment 100gms

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