Best Seasonal Allergy Supplements

Yup.  It’s that time of the year again.  Just like every year, it starts with a tickle in the nose.  Then maybe your eyes itch, and your throat gets scratchy.  Then you get a bit stuffy.  Pretty soon your nose is running like a faucet that can’t be shut off, your sinuses are full and swollen, and your head feels like it’s about to explode.  And you know…..allergy season has arrived.  Going  to the doctor will result in antihistamines with side effects, or dangerous steroids.  And the FDA has just admitted that over-the-counter decongestants like Sudafed are no more effective than placebo!

Fortunately, there are alternatives that REALLY WORK, SAFELY.  Here are some of the supplements that I found most helpful in my over 40 years of practicing medicine.


  1. AllQlear

For fastest short-term relief I use AllQlear.  Allergy symptoms are caused by immune cells called Mast Cells which break down, leading to the symptoms listed above,  Allergy medications, either herbal or pharmacological, work by stabilizing those mast cells, preventing their breakdown. AllQlear has a special blend of quail egg which has potent mast cell stabilizing properties.


  1. AllerBreez

For longer term relief of allergy symptoms, I recommend AllerBreez.  This combination supplement contains therapeutic doses of vitamin C  and Quercetin, both of which have mast cell stabilizing actions.  It also contains pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and MSM for general immune-toning actions.  And, stinging nettle provides an anti-inflammatory component, that helps to sooth sinuses.


  1. Alpha Glycosyl IsoQuercitrin

Quercetin has a lot of beneficial uses in the body in addition to mast cell stabilization.  This supplement with the tongue-twisting name contains high doses of a particularly bio-available form of quercetin, which means it delivers high concentrations of the supplement to the affected tissues.


  1. Quercetin Bromelain Complex

For those who want a straight-forward inexpensive allergy supplement,  Quercetin Bromelain Complex is strong and simple.  It contains quercetin and a unique form of vitamin C for mast cell activity, plus bromelain enzyme from pineapple, which improves circulation into clogged sinus tissue.


  1. Xlear Nasal Spray

This remarkable nasal mist is safe enough for infants and pregnant women but potent enough to cleanse, moisten and soothe irritated sinuses.   It has a doctor-formulated mixture that keeps sinuses irrigated, and is much easier to use than a Neti pot or sinus irrigation system.


  1. Allergy homeopathic tablets

Homeopathy is the gentlest form of medicine known, and is used the world over.  This homeopathic formulation, which is both safe and effective, is made of 15 different remedies mixed specially using homeopathic principles. It can be used for any allergic symptoms, both acute and chronic.


7. Allergy Easer Roll-on

Nose just won’t stop itching?   Try this Roll-On, made of 10 essential oils and herbs.  It’s easy to carry around, soothing and perfectly safe.  It moisturizes the tissues and calms their inflammation.


 8. Buffered Vitamin C

 Sometimes the best answer is the simplest one, and there’s nothing simpler than good old Vitamin C.  In this case vitamin C is buffered so that it doesn’t irritate the stomach on the way down.  And the rewards are many. Vitamin C stabilizes mast cells, wards off viruses and other potential infections, tones the immune system and, by the way, has positive effects on the brain, heart, skin and liver, among other organs.


NOTE:  All homeopathic products are safe for children,  Xlear makes a product suitable for children.   For all other non-homeopathic products, consult your physician for appropriate use in childhood.